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RANCISCO, May 22 (Xi▓nhua) -- Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, h▓ave demonstrated a new way to transplant ce▓lls into organs by piercing liver cells with ra▓pid pulses of electricity.Describe▓d in a mouse study published in the j▓ournal BioTechniques, the technique provides a hospitable environment for newly introduced cells, may boost survival of stem cells transplanted to restore a fa▓iling liver, heart or lungs.A major barrier to e▓fficient cell transplantation has been the failure to provide space for new cells to take hold inside a diseased host o▓rgan such as a liver, said Tamm▓y T. Chang, assistant pr

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ofessor in the UCSF Department of Surgery and the paper's lead author, noting that non-functional cell▓s block newly transplanted cells from becomin▓g established.Designed to clear away host cells to make room for trans▓planted cells, th

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